How Does One Decide What to Wear?


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One decides what to wear by surveying wardrobe choices and asking questions such as: "Which clothes do I have that are appropriate, current and flattering for where I am going?," "What image do I want to project?" and "How would I like to feel?" Forbes magazine explains that a specific type of wardrobe choice can make a person who is downcast feel better and more successful.

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The appropriateness of clothing falls in two general areas: fitting an event or occasion and being suitable for the wearer's age. Body type is also important; many petite women like clothes that make them look taller, and heavier people may like clothes that give them a slimmer appearance. Fashion magazines and department stores are a good source to keep updated on clothing trends.

Forbes magazine recommends analyzing clothing patterns. For instance, if one is always in work clothes, he may value work above all else and may need to recognize his talents in other areas. Likewise, a parent who is always in "mom jeans" or "dad jeans" may need more independent time. Wearing clothes one would not ordinarily wear may be an effective way to test some self-perceptions and try to change one's self-image.

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