How Does One Care for an India Ink Tattoo?


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To take care of an India ink or a henna tattoo, leave on the paste for as long as possible, moisturize the tattoo with a special henna-aftercare lotion and avoid friction from clothing. If possible, avoid getting the area wet for at least 24 hours after the paste comes off.

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Taking care of an India ink or a henna tattoo starts before the tattoo artist even begins to touch the skin. To protect the integrity of the tattoo, the person getting inked should exfoliate and moisturize the area to be tattooed. Proper preparation prevents the ink from going onto flakes of skin that are going to fall off soon.

After getting the tattoo, the bearer should try to be as warm as possible. Ideally, she should drink tea or sit under a blanket. Being warm helps the tattoo set faster.

As the henna tattooing is setting, it is best to keep the area covered. Covering the tattoo with a bandage or gauze protects it from sun exposure and wetness. When removing the bandage, use lemon juice rather than water to loosen it, and be extremely careful. To keep the tattoo from fading, avoid covering it with clothes that create friction, and minimize washing.

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