Which One Is Better, a CHI or a Global Beauty Hair Straightener?


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According to Styling-Products.com, Global Beauty manufactures the popular CHI brand flat iron that is used to straighten hair. Global Beauty and CHI irons are the same product. Some people get confused between the two names because the official branding behind the CHI flat iron is Farouk, which sells the CHI and other hair care products.

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Farouk is the style brand behind the CHI flat iron. Global Beauty is the company that makes the actual product. In fact, one of the main ways that a consumer can tell an authentic CHI flat iron from a fake one is by looking for the words "Global Beauty Network Inc." stamped on the black handle of the iron. Farouk has only authorized this particular company to make its product.

Other ways to tell an authentic CHI iron from a fake is to examine the quality of the ceramic plates that glide along the hair to make it smooth. CHI plates feature chip-resistant ceramic that moves when pushed with a finger, notes Styling-Products.com. This floating movement is a popular selling feature. Fake CHI flat irons are made of cheap materials with a thin ceramic coating. This coating wears off easily, and the plates of the iron do not float.

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