How Does One Apply Makeup For Ever HD Powder?

How Does One Apply Makeup For Ever HD Powder?

To apply Makeup For Ever HD powder, allow your foundation to completely dry, then take a large powder brush and dip it gently into the HD powder. Shake any excess powder back into the container, then use circular motions to sweep the powder from the center of the face outward. Make sure to apply a light layer to the entire face; although the color is white, it appears translucent when applied.

  1. Allow your foundation to dry after application

    After you apply your foundation, let it dry completely before you begin applying the HD powder.

  2. Dip a powder brush into the top of the powder container

    Take your powder brush and lightly dip it into the powder. It is best to gently circle the brush around the jar in order to avoid getting too much powder on the brush.

  3. Shake off the excess powder

    Shake the excess powder back into the Makeup For Ever container. Applying too much powder can cause an unnatural, white look to your face.

  4. Circle the brush over your face

    Using light circular motions, gently sweep the powder over your entire face. Start in the center and move outward. This creates a natural, transparent dusting of powder.