What Is the Official Size Chart for Women?


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There is no official size chart for women, but clothing manufacturers typically provide their own size charts on their websites. Size charts use letters, numbers or both. Clothing sizes vary depending on the manufacturer, as many countries, such as the United States and United Kingdom, don't have standardized clothing sizes.

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Manufacturers that use letter size charts typically have small, medium and large sizes indicated on the chart by an S, M or L, respectively. For smaller or larger sizes, the manufacturer adds one or more Xs in front of the S or L. For example, XL is extra-large, and XXS is extra-extra-small.

Number sizes usually start at 0 and go up to 20 or more. However, the actual size of clothing labeled size 0 has gone up over the years due to vanity sizing. Manufacturers sometimes indicate sizing smaller than a size 0 with multiple zeros, such as size 00 or 000.

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