How Do I Take Off Rings That Are Too Tight?

How Do I Take Off Rings That Are Too Tight?

Swelling, heat or injury are just some reasons a ring may become stuck or too tight for its finger. Should this occur, there are several methods for safe removal of the ring. This process can take from 5 to 60 minutes. Begin by cleaning and then elevating the area.

  1. Apply soap and water or oil

    Apply soap and water or any type of oil to the affected finger, then gently slip the ring off. If this doesn't work, proceed to step two.

  2. Use duct tape, ribbon or string

    Take a strip of duct tape or other tape-like material and fold the sticky side together. This creates a strong but flat ribbon-like material. A ribbon or string also works.

  3. Tuck the tape under the ring

    Tuck the end of the tape or ribbon under the ring, from top to bottom. Then pull the tail to leave enough tape or ribbon to provide a solid grip.

  4. Wrap the tape around the finger

    While holding the tail, wrap the tape or ribbon around the finger. Tightly wrap the ribbon up the finger, past the knuckle.

  5. Pull the ring over the wrapped tape

    While holding the wrapping in place, slide the ring up with the fingers of the unaffected hand. Next, pull upward on the tail of the ribbon that was tucked under the ring. Alternate between these two methods until the ring is over the knuckle.