How Do You Take Off Nail Polish Without Using Nail Polish Remover?


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There are several methods that can be used to remove nail polish without using nail polish remover. You can use wet top coats, spray deodorants, body sprays or hair sprays. To use body sprays, use a Q-tip to apply body spray to your nails before rubbing the polish off.

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  1. Obtain the right body spray

    Almost all body sprays or perfume products have similar properties and work to remove nail polish. Ensure that the body spray you choose does not have anything to which you're allergic, as the body spray may come into contact with the skin around your nails.

  2. Put some body spray onto some cotton

    Spray the product onto a cotton ball or a Q-tip. Make sure to spray a substantial amount of the body spray onto the cotton. Pressing the Q-tip against the nozzle opening helps with soaking the cotton with the body spray.

  3. Apply the body spray onto your nails

    Using the cotton ball or the Q-tip, wet your nails with the body spray until every inch of polish is moistened.

  4. Rub the polish off

    Move the cotton ball or Q-tip back and forth over your nail until the polish disappears. Rub off the nail polish at the edges of the nail to avoid irritating the skin around it.

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