How Do You Take Off Acrylic Nails?

off-acrylic-nails Credit: Peathegee Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images

Remove acrylic nails by clipping and filing them down, then soaking them in acetone. This takes a minimum of 30 minutes. You need acetone, olive or almond oil, a nail block, hot water, aluminum foil, a rag and cotton pads.

  1. Clip and file nails

    Clip the acrylic nails down. File the nail surface. This starts to break down the acrylic and speeds up the removal process.

  2. Soak cotton pads in acetone

    Soak cotton pads in acetone until the pads are thoroughly wetted. You need 10 pads.

  3. Place cotton pads on the nails

    Place a cotton pad on the nail of each finger.

  4. Wrap your fingertips in aluminum

    Wrap a piece of foil around your fingertips and the cotton pad. As long as the aluminum blocks out air, the acetone breaks down the acrylic. Leave the foil on your nails for 30 minutes.

  5. Wipe off your nails on a rag

    Remove the aluminum and cotton pads. Wipe your fingernails off on a rag to remove the dissolved acrylic.

  6. Repeat the process

    If acrylic remains, soak the pads in acetone again, place on your fingertips and wrap in aluminum foil. Keep the aluminum on for another 30 minutes. If acrylic remains, repeat for another 20 minutes.

  7. File away residue

    Use a nail file to remove any acrylic residue.

  8. Wash and oil your fingernails

    Wash your hands and fingernails. Rub almond or olive oil into the nails in order to rejuvenate them after the exposure to acrylic and acetone.