Does a Nose Piercing Hurt?

A nose piercing hurts more when compared to other body piercings, including ear piercings. A nose piercing involves inserting a sterile needle through a nostril or through the septum, both of which are made of cartilage.

The smaller the jewelry used to pierce the nose, the less it hurts. Make sure to use the correct type of jewelry, as it helps to prevent an allergic reaction. The best options for nose piercing jewelry are titanium, stainless steel, 14 karat gold and 18 karat gold. The amount of pain experienced is largely determined by the level of pain tolerance that a person has.

Nose piercings hurt more than belly or ear piercings because the needle and jewelry pass through cartilage rather than fatty or fleshy tissues. It is also common for the eyes to water reflexively in response to the sensation of the needle. Ongoing pain can be minimized by proper cleaning throughout the healing process. A ring causes less pain than a stud, but plating on jewelry can rub off and cause irritation.