What Are Some Nontraditional Uses for a Chi Flat Iron?


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Besides straightening hair, flat irons can be used to curl, crimp or make waves in the hair. Flat irons can also be used to seal in colored hair chalk or iron ribbon.

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For a loose beach wave or a bed-head look, the hair can be misted with a salt-water spray, and then braided before running a flat iron over the braids. To create tighter curls, small sections of hair can be wrapped into coils and covered in foil before flat ironing the hair.

A flat iron can also used to make flowing waves. A one-inch section of hair can be wrapped around the iron, and then the flat iron can be turned away from the face as it slides down the strands. To crimp the hair, the flat iron grasps a one-inch section of hair at the root, and the wrists moves back and forth as the flat iron slides down the section of hair.

A flat iron can also be used to temporarily seal in colored hair chalk by passing it over hair strands that have been colored. A flat iron can be used to quickly iron a collar, hem or ribbon, if it is heated to 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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