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In the December 2013 issue of Consumer Reports magazine, six female staffers tested the No No hair removal device on their legs three times a week for six weeks. Reviewers were disappointed with the device's performance. They reported prickly legs with noticeable stubble. Over six weeks of testing, none of the reviewers experienced the product's promised results, such as being able to forgo shaving for weeks.

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The six women in this study were unanimous in their poor reviews of the No No device. No No removes hair with a heated wire applied to the top of the skin, burning the hair off the treated area. The user must then buff the burned hair from the treated area in order to prevent a prickly feeling. Reviewers noted the process is lengthy compared to a traditional shaving process.

Furthermore, none of the six reviewers reported feeling hair-free. All women reported patchy or prickly areas despite treating their entire legs with the device. They also reported that the device produced a strong "burnt hair smell," which they found unpleasant. None of the women said they would purchase No No, and it took them up to 25 minutes per leg to use it each time.

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