What Are Some NoNo Pro Complaints?


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The most common NoNo Pro complaints are that it is ineffective and that the company's return policy and overall customer service are generally poor. Of 52 HighYa reviews of NoNo Pro using a five-star scale, an overwhelming 45 reviews rated it at one star, as of April 2015.

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Even in the few reviews of the NoNo Pro that are generally positive, as noted on HighYa, satisfied customers who observed some hair thinning admit that the technology doesn't provide what it promises, which is quick, professional-level hair removal. Another common complaint is that the shape of the NoNo Pro makes it impossible to use effectively on armpits or chins or similarly curved surfaces.

While these cases are some of the best, the worst reviews claim that the NoNo Pro is not only ineffective, but that the company is intentionally unhelpful with returns and general customer service. In particular, some of the most negative reviews claim that NoNo Pro is a scam and a waste of money. Another strange feature of the reviews of the NoNo Pro is that among 52 reviews, none are moderate, with no one rating the NoNo Pro at three stars. The reviews are highly polarized, with only three total reviews between two and four stars.

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