What Are Noncomedogenic Moisturizers?


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Noncomedogenic moisturizers are moisturizers that do not clog pores and therefore do not aggravate or cause acne. They are used to treat acne and dry skin.

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People with oily skin mostly choose noncomedogenic moisturizers because they are lighter than regular moisturizers. Many are also oil-free, which means they do not add any oils to the face, which prevents acne from forming and the face from looking shiny or oily. Even if someone has oily skin, doctors still recommend using a moisturizer for healthy, protected skin, according to WebMD. Dermatologists often recommend noncomedogenic moisturizers, shampoos, body cleansers and sunscreen for people who suffer from severe acne. Noncomedogenic moisturizers treat and prevent acne while keeping skin healthy. They do so by forming a thin protective layer on the outside of the skin, sealing in moisture and healthy oils and preventing foreign irritants from entering the pores. Many people use moisturizers to treat dry, itchy skin.

Noncomedogenic moisturizers got their name from comedones, which are hair follicles that fill with dirt and oil and swell up as a result. Comedones form blackheads, whiteheads and red or pink pimples on the face. Noncomedogenic moisturizers that are specifically designed to treat acne are called nonacnegenic moisturizers.

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