Where Are Nike Air Jordan Shoes Made?

Air Jordans are manufactured in China. As of 2015, the largest supplier of Air Jordans is the Yue Yuen factory in Dongguan, owned by the Taiwanese company, the Pou Chen Group. The company has held a contract with Nike since 1998.

Nike's contract manufacturers employ over one million workers in 42 countries at 693 factories worldwide. The majority of footwear is produced in Indonesia, China and Vietnam. According to Global Exchange, Nike states "it is in the business of 'marketing' shoes, not making them." The company has been criticized for the unsuitable working conditions in its factories and the low wages paid to workers. However, Nike has said in the past it is "just the buyer" and is not responsible for factory conditions. More recently, due to pressure from consumers and activist groups, the company is making an effort to improve its sustainability and fair trade practices.