What Are Some "Nightmare Before Christmas" Tattoo Designs?


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Among the many different ideas for "The Nightmare Before Christmas" tattoos are Jack the Skeleton King and Sally tattoos, a separate tattoo of Jack with a top hat and Sally holding a flower looking wistfully away. Some tattoos depict Sally and Jack in an old-fashioned picture frame holding hands.

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Another half-sleeve "Nightmare Before Christmas" tattoo shows the whole cast of the movie in a graveyard. Some designs show Jack and his dog together looking sinister. Others show Sally with the boogie man hiding in the moonlight behind her and her creator chasing her in his wheelchair. Another design shows Sally and Jack together smiling enclosed in sharp vines shaped like a heart.

Another tattoo suggestion features Jack smiling a skeleton grin while holding a decapitated and bleeding bat. One design depicts the boogie man's evil children, one on top of the other, smiling diabolically. A popular design is Jack the Skeleton King in front of a wrought iron fence with bats flying overhead. There's also a design in which Jack presents his oozing heart to Sally on bended knee in a field of red roses. Showing Jack sitting in his pumpkin patch with his dog is another "Nightmare Before Christmas" tattoo idea.

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