How Do I Get Nicotine Stains Off My Fingers?


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Remove nicotine stains by lightly rubbing a pumice stone along the skin for approximately 30 minutes. After the stone has removed most of the dead surface of the skin, the color appears lighter. Repeatedly washing hands in warm soapy water also works over time.

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How Do I Get Nicotine Stains Off My Fingers?
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If stains are stubborn or hard to remove, a solution of lemon juice and warm water is sometimes helpful. Soaking the affected fingers in this solution for about 10 minutes at a time gradually lightens stains. Other at-home remedies include scrubbing the skin with toothpaste or with a paste made from aspirin and water. Rubbing peeled potatoes over the affected skin five to 10 times per day also removes nicotine stains.

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