What Are Some Nice Nail Designs for Toes?

nice-nail-designs-toes Credit: Melanie Dawn Harter/Moment Open/Getty Images

Nice nail designs for toes include thin stripes separating two nail colors and small flowers. Polka dots and chevron designs can also be painted on the toenails.

Leopard or cheetah print accented with neon colors can be painted on the toenails, as well. The toenails can also be decorated with small three-dimensional accents, such as bow ties or pearls. A tie-dye design painted on the big toe can serve as the main feature for a pedicure, and the other toenails can be painted in colors that are included in the tie dye design. A geometric, stained glass design featuring a number of colors can also decorate the big toenail while the other toenails are painted in coordinating colors.