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Like most other hair color products, Nice 'n Easy works by coloring the hair and is applied using the instructions that are packaged inside the hair coloring kit. Generally, most Nice 'n Easy products require users to do a skin allergy test 48 hours prior to applying the products. If the skin allergy test doesn't indicate any sort of allergy, then the user mixes the color, dispenses the product into a gloved hand and applies it to the hair before waiting the allotted time for the product to work and rinsing it out.

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An allergy test is vital when using any sort of hair-coloring product. The in-box instructions contain more information for performing the allergy test and what signs to look for that indicate an allergy to the color.

Colorist gloves are packaged with all Nice 'n Easy products and should be used when mixing and applying color. Most color products have a colorant in bottle 1 and a developer in bottle 2. Adding the colorant to the developer and mixing it prepares the color for use.

Most products are applied over the entire head, although highlights may be selectively applied. Once the product is applied, time the color to give it adequate processing time, adding additional minutes for stubborn gray hairs. Rinsing the color completely at the end of that time period stops the coloring process. The final step is to apply the included conditioner and rinse it out as per the instructions on the box.

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