What Are Some New Hairstyle Trends for Older Women?

What Are Some New Hairstyle Trends for Older Women?

Although older women often prefer classic styles, new trends such as spiky pixie cuts and long waves are current as of 2015. Some older women are also experimenting with color.

The pixie cut is a flattering hairstyle, especially for older women. The lines are softer around the face, and the short layers allow for volume. An update on this hairstyle is to make the top spiky by applying product and tousling with the fingers.

The bob is a classic hairstyle for older women. However, a trendy take on this style is the lob, or longer bob. This hairstyle is flattering when it includes a few face-framing layers in the front. The hairstylist can also add wispy, side-swept bangs.

Another update on the bob is the A-line or stacked bob. In this case, the hair is stacked for volume in the back. The style includes an angled line from the nape to the chin, with the front being longer.

Conventional wisdom used to discourage older women from wearing their hair longer. However, some movie stars such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Andie MacDowell are wearing their hair in long, wavy hairstyles that other older women like to emulate.

Another trend for older women is letting the gray come through. Instead of covering their gray with hair color, some stars such as Dame Judi Dench and Jamie Lee Curtis are letting their hair go natural.