How Are Netted Bead Ornaments Made?


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Netted bead ornaments are Christmas accessories that add a bit of extra flair to plain, round glass or plastic ornaments; these holiday baubles are made using seed beads and larger accent beads that get stitched together on thin, strong thread. The beads get sewn together in a basic circular shape that will fit onto the ornament, and additional beaded webbing gets sewn on for decorative purposes; this decorative webbing is typically designed to hang off of the ornament. The end effect is an additional embellishment to a plain ornament that includes hanging beads that can catch and reflect light.

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Netted bead ornaments require a structural component that will help the netting hang on the ornament, and the rest of the netting is decorative in nature and can include hanging crystal teardrop beads of various shapes and colors. Do-it-yourself ornament makers may want to choose accent beads that are sized in proportion to the ornament, so the additional decoration is both large enough to make an impact and still small enough to not add a lot of additional weight to the ornament. Creativity can be exercised in color combinations of different ornaments and beads, and those people who are experienced at stitching the beads together may also want to experiment with the shape of the hanging webbing.

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