What Are Some Navel Ring Stores?


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As of June 2014, belly button rings are widely available at many specialty brick-and-mortar stores such as Spencer's and Hot Topicbsites. For an even wider selection of belly button rings, shop online at retailers such as BodyCandy. In some areas, due to growing demand, larger retailers such as Walmart also sell a selection of belly button rings in stores, as well as online.

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For those who prefer to shop in person, jewelry and clothing shops such as Spencer's and Hot Topic offer a great selection of belly button rings in various gauges and designs. Available to purchase in singles or multipacks, these stores offer low prices and quality materials. If unable to get to a store location, they both have a commanding online presence with a long list of offerings. Piercing shops also contain a large selection of piercing jewelry available for in-person purchase.

Specialty retailer BodyCandy has an extensive inventory of themed and simple belly button rings, as well as a large discount section. Shop by gauge size, design or price to find the perfect belly button ring to suit personal interests here. The most common types of jewelry for a belly button piercing are barbells, captive bead rings and barbells with dangling pendants. The standard size for belly button piercings is 14 gauge.

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