How Do You Naturally Lighten Dark Hair?

One way to naturally lighten hair is to use lemon juice to make dark hair a few shades lighter. You need several fresh lemons, conditioner, water, a spray bottle, a mirror and shampoo.

  1. Juice several lemons

    Purchase several lemons, and juice them until there is an ounce of liquid. The amount of lemons necessary varies based on the size of the fruit. Avoid purchasing bottled lemon juice as it is rarely fresh and has additives that may reduce its effectiveness.

  2. Add the lemon juice to a mixture of conditioner and water

    Mix the ounce of lemon juice with two ounces of conditioner and three ounces of water. Put the mixture into a spray or applicator bottle. To lighten the entire head of hair, spray or apply the mixture from root to tip. To create highlights, focus on a few pieces of hair.

  3. Sit out in the sun

    With the mixture still in the hair, sit out in the sun for approximately 30 minutes. Bring a mirror to check the progression of the lightening and make sure the hair isn't turning any undesired colors. Dark hair can begin to take on an orange color if processed in this manner for too long. After the 30 minutes is complete, shampoo the mixture out entirely, then condition the hair. Repeat this process weekly until the desired color is achieved. Continue to deep condition your hair after each lightening treatment, since even natural lighteners can damage untreated hair.