How Do You Get Naturally Curly Hair?


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Natural looking curly hair is achieved through a combination of the right hair cut, shampooing and conditioning practices and styling. For those with straight or slightly wavy hair, a curly texture is possible through the use of a curling iron or rollers.

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Since curls tend to frizz more from excessive handling, the first step to achieving well-defined, non-frizzy curls is to shampoo in the shower hands-free by letting water run over the hair while the head is tilted back. Next, it is important to apply conditioner and products to the hair while it is still wet, as this allows the style to set in better. Do not towel-dry hair, as this leads to more frizz. Instead, squeeze excess moisture from the hair and allow the rest to air-dry.

It is important to use high-quality hair gels and to avoid using oils. Some popular hair gel brands for people seeking curly hair include Kinky-Curly and Miss Jessie's. Depending on the shape the hair grows in, it is sometimes necessary to visit a hair salon in order to get a cut that is more conducive to curly hair.

To get curly hair from straight hair, first use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Next, towel dry and prep with mousse. Finish by blow drying in sections and winding the hair around a medium-barrel curling iron.

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