What Are Natural Ways to Highlight Brunette Hair?

Brunettes can achieve natural highlights through a combination of sun exposure and the use of natural enhancing products such as lemon juice, chamomile tea and even honey. However, brunettes should note that brown hair tends to lighten to more of a reddish color than blonde, so chemical highlighting methods may be necessary if a golden tone is desired.

The sun is a powerful natural force for changing color. It can darken skin and lighten hair. Blondes and brunettes alike can lighten their hair in the sun with no products at all, but it does take quite a bit of time. Enhancement products are available, including chemical sun enhancement spray-ins for the hair, but DIY hair stylists can also turn to their pantries for natural solutions.

Lemon juice is a traditional go-to for natural sun enhancement for the hair, but some sources report that chamomile tea works even better than lemon juice. Brunettes may be able to achieve a golden color with chamomile tea. Honey is another natural ingredient that can be used to lighten the hair. However, DIY hair stylists may want to be careful when using this one; it can be sticky, and application is best reserved for the bathroom or outside.