What Are Some Natural Soap Recipes?


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To make natural soap, combine 16 ounces of 76 degree Fahrenheit coconut oil and 16 ounces of olive oil in a slow cooker. Pour 12.16 ounces of water into a glass jar, and carefully add 4.844 ounces of lye. Stir the lye and water with a metal spoon. After 10 minutes, add the lye mixture to the oil and stir to combine. After it thickens, pour the mixture into soap molds.

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Allow the soap to cure for several weeks before using it. Always pour the lye into the water, rather than adding water to the lye, as reversing the process is dangerous. Neutralize the lye by rinsing the soap-making materials with vinegar immediately after use.

To make goat's milk soap, combine 12 ounces coconut oil, 15 ounces olive oil and 13 ounces of a third oil, such as lard. Freeze the goat's milk in a sealed container, and place the bag in a metal bowl of water to slightly thaw it before adding 6 ounces of lye to the milk. Add the milk mixture to the melted oils when the oils reach approximately 125 degrees. Mix until the soap thickens slightly, and pour the soap into molds. If desired, add 1 ounce of any essential oils to the soap before pouring it into molds.

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