What Are Some Natural Methods to Straighten Men's Hair?

Hair is straightened using pressure on the strands or adding substances to hair that do not tax the follicles. Straightening men's hair naturally takes time but saves money and results in healthier strands than processed options. This results in shiny, healthy straight hair for men with any kind of hair.

Straightening men's hair naturally is done either by putting the strands under pressure or by adding natural substance to the head. Both of these methods require time, patience and attention to routine so that the end result is reached as quickly as possible.

Pressuring hair follicles into a straight line requires stretching and pressing each strand into place. Wetting hair first and then pinning hair flat against the head removes kinks and curls. Flattening longer hair means wrapping and pinning strands down all the way around the crown and leaving this in for at least a full night.

Natural additives need to be part of daily routine to straighten men's hair effectively. Adding milk to conditioner will strengthen and straighten strands, while lemon oil and avocado reinforce healthy, straight hair styles. Putting honey into the milk mixture makes the move from curly to straight hair even faster, so add this sweetener to conditioner to interact properly with conditioner options.