How Do You Get Natural Looking Curls?


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In order to make hair curly, a product or process must be applied to it. Depending on the time available, a curling iron can be used for quick results or, if there is time to plan ahead, the hair can be twisted or braided overnight.

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Because hair's texture is mostly controlled by the follicles, there is no natural way to make hair curl that is completely straight. However, straight hair can certainly be made curly with the help of one or more of the following techniques:

  1. Blow dry with a barrel brush
  2.  First, wash the hair. Towel dry it, then apply mousse throughout. Use a medium-barrel brush to blow dry in sections, starting at the roots. After the hair is mostly dry, complete the process by wrapping sections around a hot curling iron for up to 30 seconds.
  3. Use a curling iron
  4. Clamp a curling iron to a 1-inch thick piece of hair near the face. Twist the iron until all the hair is wrapped around it. Remove the hair after 5 seconds. Coil up that piece of hair and pin it flat to the scalp with a bobby pin. Continue curling and pinning until all of the hair is done. Spray with hairspray and then release all the curls. Adjust the look using fingers until it is satisfactory, then set with more spray.
  5. Overnight
  6. After washing the hair, it can be manipulated with a hairstyle that will curl it as it dries. Try braiding it, either in one big ponytail or many. It can also be twisted by separating a ponytail in half, twisting each half in the same direction, and then twisting the two halves together by twisting the opposite way. A ponytail can be twisted one way and then formed it into a bun before it is secured into place. Finally, wrap sections of hair around foam or sponge hair curlers to let them dry overnight.
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