What Are Some Natural Braided Hairstyles?


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A few examples of natural braided hairstyles include the braided gradient, lush taft and geometrical braids. As of 2015, these are some of the trendiest natural braid styles, according to The Right Hairstyles for You.

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The braided gradient involves combining macro and micro braids with a simple school girl plait, which adds a chic and sexy look to the style, explains The Right Hairstyles for You. This style is low maintenance and provides an effective way to protect natural hair. It can also be alternated with a braided ponytail.

To achieve the lush taft, braid from the sides of the face upward. This style accentuates cheek bones and helps control unruly and curly hair. Additionally, the lush taft helps manage natural hair that is in the process of growing out.

Geometrical hairstyles suit people with oval faces, according to The Right Hairstyles for You. Natural braids and cornrows serve as simple ways to create unique symmetrical patterns.

Additional braid styles that work with natural hair include box, tree and French braids. Twists and fishtails are also suitable. Crown braids are another popular choice for summer, as of 2015. Different crown braid styles include the chunky Swedish headband, quadruple crown, fishtail crown and the Dutch lace crown.

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