What Are Some Natural Beauty Tips?


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Beauty is often aided by natural products that enhance physical appearance, with the added advantages of minimal cost and minimal unhealthy ingredients. Reaching into the refrigerator often produces ordinary ingredients that have multiple beauty-enhancing properties.

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Grapes are a healthy resource when cut in half and rubbed on clean skin, providing natural exfoliants from the fruit acids. Tea tree oil, when applied to blemishes, can help reduce or eradicate them. For those who like a natural self-tanner, organic moisturizer mixed with a few sprinkles of mineral bronzer can create quick color and glow. Olive oil is a natural product to create a hydrating hair treatment for moisturizing locks. A mayonnaise mask softens hair, with half a cup of mayonnaise applied over wet hair and left to saturate for 15 minutes. Shampoos should be sulfate-free, as sulfates in many shampoos are unhealthy and tend to fade colored locks. Waves can be created by spritzing hair with a solution consisting of 8 ounces of warm spring water and a tablespoon of dissolved sea salt, finished off with ten drops of organic lavender oil. Applied to damp hair, the mixture causes locks to wave after air drying without the aid of a blow dryer or curling iron.

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