What Are the Names of Various Beard Shapes?

names-various-beard-shapes Credit: Marga Frontera/Moment/Getty Images

Some examples of the names of beard shapes are goatee, soul patch, chin strip and mutton chops. Different shapes have been popular during different time periods.

A goatee is a beard shape consisting of an area of facial hair on the chin that is about as wide as the mouth. It is often combined with a mustache. Soul patches feature a small patch of hair, just under the bottom lip and above the chin. A chin strip is a type of goatee that is slightly more narrow than the mouth. Mutton chops, named for the resemblance to the cut of meat, are extended from the sideburns down to the jawline with little to no hair on the chin.

Similar to women's hairstyles, men's beard shapes go through various trends, changing along with popular fashion choices. For example, a beard style known as "5 o'clock shadow" became popular in the 1980s, a style characterized by a short growth of facial hair. In the 1970s, full beards were popular, and the style was revived in the late 2000s. Goatees and chin strips were trendy in the 1990s.

Some men choose a beard style based on what works with their face shape rather than what is currently in style. For example, a short but full beard can balance out a square-shaped face, while a circle beard can balance out a round face. A beard combined with long sideburns may work well with diamond-shaped faces that have a prominent chin.