What Are the Names of Some Stylish Haircuts for Short Hair?

Some names for stylish haircuts for short hair are a smooth layered crop, the asymmetrical bob, short layers and the micro mohawk. Other short and stylish haircuts include the pixie cut and the traditional boy cut.

Layered crops work the best with very straight hair. Adding a few highlights gives this style a dramatic effect. Bob cuts work well on any face shape. They are easy to maintain and require just a straightening iron and anti-frizz serum to achieve a desirable look for work and leisure. The bob cut is a very feminine style, and those with thicker hair can opt for a cut that is mid-neck in length. A short layered cut is another very low-maintenance hairstyle and requires just a curling wand and hairspray to get the best effect. This works well for hair that is soft and wavy in texture.

The micro mohawk is an edgy style that works well for all face types but especially those with leaner facial contours. It requires short hair that is naturally wavy, and is styled with a gel and blow-dried. The pixie cut can take many shapes and forms such as layered, undercut, center-parted or spiked, to name a few. It is a practical and stylish cut for short, straight hair and helps to highlight a well-proportioned face and high cheekbones.