What Are the Names of the Shades of Brown Hair Color?

Shades of brown hair color range from dark espresso to light brown-blond or "bronde." When sandy brown hair is accented with light highlights, it is sometimes known as beach-brown hair and honey-brown hair has a similar hue. Brunette hair with a gradient and lighter shades woven in is known as ombré, while golden-brown hair is often referred to as a caramel shade, featuring caramel and honey highlights over medium-brown hair.

Some other dark shades of brown hair include mahogany and deep chocolate. Smoky brown is a soft, dark shade close to black. Chestnut shades are on the medium side and sometimes include light red highlights. When a stronger shade of red is added to brown hair, it is usually known as auburn.

Chestnut is considered a versatile shade of brown and is generally suitable for all skin types. Ash-brown colors with sandy tones are also flattering on most people. To keep brown hair appearing natural, color changes should remain within two shades lighter or darker than the original color. Darker shades of brown work well with darker skin shades. The same is true for lighter skin shades. Caramel highlights make brown shades appear warmer, while amber shades help create a softer appearance.