What Are the Names of Some Popular Makeup Brands?

What Are the Names of Some Popular Makeup Brands?

Some of the most popular beauty brands according to Ranker.com are MAC and Clinique. Revlon, L'Oreal and Covergirl are also popular. Top natural makeup brands include Physicians Formula, Dr. Hauschka and ILIA.

Headquartered in New York City, MAC was the brainchild of two Toronto makeup artists. In fact, the name is an acronym of the phrase "makeup art cosmetics." The brand is still very popular with professional makeup artists as of 2015. It is available in departments stores and at MAC stores.

Clinique is also available at department stores. It was developed by dermatologists, so the makeup is hypo-allergenic.

Physicians Formula is another dermatologist-approved makeup brand. Physicians Formula is available at pharmacy stores.

Revlon is a popular drug store brand of cosmetics. One of the oldest brands, the company started in the 1930s with nail polish. Lipstick soon followed. Now the brand offers a wide range of makeup.

Covergirl is a makeup brand that's especially popular with girls ages 13 to 21. Covergirl is very heavily marketed, counting Rihanna and Taylor Swift among its spokesmodels.

L'Oreal has one of the biggest inventories of makeup, with over 500 different items. L'Oreal makeup is one of the pricier drug store brands.

Manufacturers of Dr. Hauschka cosmetics use organic ingredients, pure minerals and plant-based extracts. The manufacturers of ILIA Beauty use ingredients that are sourced ethically from around the world. Both are popular natural makeup brands available from beauty retailers such as Ulta.