What Are Names of the Cutest Short Haircuts for Women?

names-cutest-short-haircuts-women Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Names of short haircuts for women include the bob, shag, pixie cut, blunt cut and asymmetrical cut. Many other short cute hairstyles are variations of those haircuts.

Actress Anne Hathaway popularized a chopped blunt cut in 2015. This haircut is chopped right at the chin. When styled, the chopped blunt cut features tousled, messy waves. Another version of this haircut is left a little longer and styled with pin curls and finger waves.

Long pixie cuts are considered cute. The top is left longer than the classic pixie cut, and the bangs get swept to the sides. The back is very short, and the hair is wispy near the ears.

The bob is a classic hairstyle with many variations. One variation angles the bob from back to front so that the hair frames the face. Graduating the cut in the back creates a curve for the whole hairstyle. Another version of the haircut puts choppy layers throughout to create texture within the style.

Asymmetrical haircuts are another option. The hair is cut much shorter on one side. Sometimes the short side is blended, but sometimes it is left disconnected.

The short shag features a lot of choppy layers. These haircuts are typically styled to showcase the texture. Often they are combined with streaky hair coloring to further emphasize the layering.