How Do You Do Your Nails?

To groom your nails, clean and file them, remove the cuticles, wash and moisturize your hands, apply a base coat of polish, apply colored polish, and apply a clear top coat. This 45-minute process requires cotton pads, acetone, cuticle remover, a cuticle stick, water, a towel, soap, moisturizer and polish.

  1. Clean and file the nails

    Dip a cotton pad in acetone, and wipe it over your nails until they are free of skin oils and old polish. Shape the tips with a nail file.

  2. Remove the cuticles

    Apply a tiny drop of cuticle removal gel to the cuticles of one hand, and try not to let the product touch your skin. Scrape it off with a cuticle stick, and then remove the cuticles on your other hand.

  3. Wash and moisturize your hands

    Wash your hands with warm water and a gentle hand soap. Blot them on a towel, apply a thick moisturizing cream, and rub your hands together until they absorb it.

  4. Apply nail polish

    Dip a cotton pad in acetone, and wipe your nails to remove traces of moisturizer. Apply a base coat and two coats of colored polish. Seal the manicure with a clear topcoat, and give your nails at least 20 minutes to dry.