What Are Nail Supplies?


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Nail supplies range from basic nail files to nail polish to gel or acrylic nail supplies. A standard manicure kit includes emery boards, a nail buffer, a cuticle pusher, cuticle nippers and nail polishes. Nail polish remover is a typical nail supply.

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What Are Nail Supplies?
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The specific nail supplies a person requires depend on the service being done. For a manicure, in addition to the standard supplies, a nail bowl and nail cleaning brush are also used. Emery boards are used to shorten and shape the nail. The cuticle pusher cleans excess skin from the nail bed, which can be clipped with the cuticle nippers. The nail buffer shines the nail bed.

For a pedicure, toe spacers are also needed. They keep the toes separated while the nail polish is drying. A foot file removes dry skin and calluses from the foot. Toenail clippers shorten the nails. A place to soak the feet is also needed for a pedicure.

For fake nails, additional supplies are necessary. Acrylic nails are comprised of a powder activated by a liquid, which is then usually built onto a nail tip glued to the natural nail. Gel nails are similar, though the consistency of the material is lighter and more transparent. For both processes, a special brush is needed. Gel nails need a UV light for activation. Both services also require coarser files and buffers. Both types of nails require acetone for removal.

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