What Is a Nail Fungus Home Remedy?


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One home remedy for nail fungus on finger- or toenails involves using over-the-counter antifungal nail creams and ointments to treat the condition, suggests Mayo Clinic. Before applying the medication, file off any white markings on the nail's surface, soak it in water, and wipe it dry.

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What Is a Nail Fungus Home Remedy?
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Another home remedy used to treat nail fungus involves applying Vicks VapoRub to the nails. To use this remedy, place a small amount of the rub on a cotton swab, and apply it to the nails daily. Mayo Clinic cites a study showing that 56 percent of 18 patients reported partial improvement with this method.

Trimming and thinning the infected nail is another home remedy that helps relieve pressure on the nail and allows medication to penetrate deep inside the nail's layers. Soften the affected nail before trimming and thinning by applying urea cream and covering it in a bandage overnight. Uncover the nail, and wash off the cream with soap and water in the morning. Repeat the treatment daily until the nail becomes soft. Petroleum jelly helps soften the skin around the affected nail.

Some alternative remedies may be effective in treating nail fungus, Mayo Clinic reports. Tea tree oil and snakeroot extract are common alternative treatments.

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