What Are Some Nail Design Ideas?

What Are Some Nail Design Ideas?

There are may different options for nail design, depending on a person's style and personal preferences. Some popular nail designs also vary by season. Ideas include bright colors, geometric designs, florals and rhinestones.

In the summer, bright and neon colors are popular for manicures. These create a bold look. Design options include solid colors, stripes and polka dots.

Another bold choice for nail design is animal print. There are several ways to achieve this effect. Some companies make nail stickers or decals with animal prints. These products are easy to cut to the proper size and apply to nails. Some people also paint animal prints by hand, using narrow nail art brushes or pens and contrasting colors of polish.

A French manicure design is popular for any season. In the traditional French manicure, the tip of each nail is painted white, while the rest of the nail is natural. Variations on this design include different colors for the nail bed and tip and narrow stripes of color to separate the tip from the rest of the nail.

Some nail designs include variations on texture. There are shiny and matte products that go on top of regular nail polish to create interesting effects. Some people use these products to create stripes or other subtle patterns on top of a single color of nail polish.

Other nail designs include rhinestones, glitter or other embellishments. Many nail polish products with glitter are easy to apply on their own or on top of a base color. Some people also glue individual rhinestones on top of nail polish to create designs.