What Are Some Nail Art Designs for Different Holidays?

What Are Some Nail Art Designs for Different Holidays?

Some nail art designs for different holidays include stars and stripes for the Fourth of July, candy canes for Christmas or turkeys for Thanksgiving. You can customize your nails with blue and white for Hanukkah, or you can add a confetti effect to celebrate New Year.

For Christmas, you can choose to create very detailed nail art with Santa hats, reindeer or gift wrapping, or you can keep your nail art simple by painting in alternating red and green. You can also opt to paint your nails in more of a winter theme instead of a specific holiday. Snowflakes, snowmen and penguins are all possibilities for a winter theme that you can wear even after the holidays.

Many holidays have popular symbols you can re-create in nail art: you can decorate your nails for Valentine's Day with hearts, roses or X's and O's. For St. Patrick's day, some nail art might include shamrocks or the color green.

There are many options for patriotic holidays like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. Besides stars and stripes, you can decorate with fireworks.

At Halloween, black cats, pumpkins and ghosts are all festive images you can add to your nail art for the holiday. You can also alternate between black and orange.