What Is a Mystic Topaz?


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A mystic topaz is a chemically treated clear topaz with a shiny, multicolored luster that flashes blue, green, purple and pink. According to Gem Select, some retailers sell mystic topaz labelled as "fire topaz," "Alaska topaz" or "mystic fire topaz." It is inexpensive and durable but prone to cracking when hit with significant force.

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What Is a Mystic Topaz?
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Mystic topaz is popular among jewelry designers and beading enthusiasts who use it in necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and brooches. This stone is extremely sparkly and suits all major gemstone cutting styles. Gem Select explains that because the colors of mystic topaz come from its chemical coating, cutting and polishing occur before coating application. Attempts to re-cut these stones after chemical processing remove a portion of their coating, exposing splotches of clear topaz amidst the surrounding colors.

The closest relative of mystic topaz is Azotic topaz, which is also chemically colored. Azotic topaz appears white, pink, yellow and orange. These stones undergo a patented coloration process developed by the Azotic gemstone firm and, like mystic topaz, are popular jewelry stones.

Another stone similar to mystic topaz is mystic quartz, which is common white quartz with a chemical coating that brings out flashes of green, purple and blue. Like mystic topaz, good quality mystic quartz is cut and polished before immersion in the chemical coating bath.

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