Why Do Muslims Wear Turbans?


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Muslims wear turbans for religious reasons, and they generally wrap their heads in either black or white headpieces or plain-colored caps, emulating the style of the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims adopt the practice of wearing turbans, as do many other faiths around the world, including other Islamic religions and Sikhs. The type and style of turbans varies among the smaller sects of Muslims with men identifying as Shi'a Muslims wear black headpieces with white caps while Muslims of higher social status wear white turbans.

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Colors and variations exist in Muslim turbans around the world. In Sudan, men of higher socioeconomic ranking wear white turbans, while others display their religious affiliation by wearing scarves. Men in other branches of Muslim wear smaller caps instead of full-length headpieces. These caps come in simple colors such as white and green. Although turban styles vary among Muslim practitioners, only Muslim men wear them. Women traditionally cover their heads too, but do so with headpieces called hijabs.

In addition to Muslims, many other people around the world wear turbans, for both religious and practical purposes. The practice of wearing turbans is common among practitioners of the Sikh religion. Sikhs, like Muslims, wear turbans to emulate the dress of Guru Nanak, an ancient religious figurehead. In this religion, however, both men and women wear turbans. In addition to expressing religious devotion, Sikhs wear turbans to convey higher social status or nobility.

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