How Much Is LifeCell, and Where Can I Get It?


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A 2.54 ounce bottle of LifeCell costs between $180 and $200, as of 2015. It is available for order on the company's web site and through online retailers, such as Amazon and eBay.

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LifeCell's official web site offers a 30-day free trial of the product with no money down other than shipping and handling. Similar to many free trials, however, after the initial 30 days LifeCell begins charging the customer's credit card monthly at the regular price and shipping the product until the customer calls the company to cancel.

The anti-aging cream made by LifeCell is one of several products on the market that utilize peptide technology with questionable efficacy. While the peptides in LifeCell have not been shown by any published medical study to have an anti-aging effect, product testers familiar with them stand behind the science touted in their promotional literature.

These researchers claim that the peptides in LifeCell and similar products induce the skin to produce more collagen, and that high levels of collagen ensure that skin maintains a young and fresh appearance. In the past, the only way to compensate for declining collagen was to receive injections in trouble spots where a lack of it has produced wrinkles. Now some researchers believe that topical creams such as LifeCell can obviate the need for injections by helping the body produce its own collagen. The medical community, however, is not yet sold on the science.

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