How Much Does Coconut Oil Cost Per Ounce?


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As of 2015, the price for an ounce of coconut oil range widely, depending on the type of processing used. Oils range from approximately $0.52/ounce for organic to $0.92/ounce for organic virgin.

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Coconut oils generally fall into two processing categories: organic and organic virgin. Organic coconut oil is mechanically pressed, whereas the organic virgin oil is an unrefined, high grade product coming from the first cold press of organic coconut kernels. Both are versatile cooking oils that do well under medium-high heat cooking conditions.

These oils can replace traditional cooking oils and hold up well for sautéing chicken, shrimp, vegetables and other similar foods. They are also great for salad dressings and sauces. However, cooking with this versatile oil only scratches the surface to its many applications. Many people use coconut oil as a beauty aid to remove makeup and as a skin moisturizer.

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