What Is Motions Hair Relaxer?

Motions Hair Relaxer is a relaxing hair care product that removes curls, leaving hair straight, smooth and silky. It includes conditioning ingredients so that hair isn't damaged during the relaxing process.

Motions Hair Relaxer products are specially formulated for people with a wide variety of hair types, from fine to coarse. Many of the relaxers are formulated with cationic conditioners, which protect and moisturize the hair during the relaxing process. These products are meant to be applied by a professional.

Motions Professional Super Hair Relaxer is formulated for coarse hair, while the Professional Mild Hair Relaxer is for individuals who have easy-to-relax hair and sensitive scalps. The Professional Regular Hair Relaxer is for people with medium-textured hair.

Motions also sells a line of hair relaxers formulated with oil. The Professional Oil Moisturizer Regular Hair Relaxer contains a triple emollient blend that conditions dry hair during the relaxing process. The Professional Oil Moisturizer Mild Hair Relaxer is made for people with sensitive scalps and fine hair, and the formulation leaves hair looking smooth and silky. The Professional Oil Moisturizer Super Hair Relaxer is formulated for people with coarse or relaxer-resistant hair.

Motions produces a line of professional conditioning shampoos as well as professional conditioners and treatments. These revitalize hair to provide a silky, smooth result.