What Are Some Mother-Daughter Tattoo Ideas?


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Tattoos of matching designs shapes like hearts or stars could be appealing to mothers and daughters who want to get tattoos. Small flowers are also a tattoo idea for mothers and daughters.

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Mothers and daughters can also get tattoos in each other's handwriting. For instance, the daughter can get a tattoo that says "love always" in her mother's handwriting, and vice versa. An image that is of special significance to the mother and daughter can also serve as a meaningful tattoo. For instance, if both individuals love going to the beach, a seashell or sandcastle may symbolize family time and cherished childhood memories. A rose tattoo, which is a symbol of love, honor and devotion, also makes a nice mother/daughter tattoo. A fortune or luck feather tattoo may prove significant for mothers and daughters as well. The feathers can serve as a family tribute and represent anything from beauty to protection from evil. Mothers and daughters may also want to get ribbon tattoos. For example, pink ribbons can serve as a tribute to a mother or daughter who has survived breast cancer. Daughters and mothers can get tattoos with coordinating images as well. For instance, one individual can get a tattoo of a heart with a keyhole, and the other can get a tattoo of the key that fits into the heart.

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