What Does a Monkey Tattoo Symbolize?

Monkeys are jovial and upbeat creatures that have spiritual significance within Buddhism. It is said that a monkey was given the task of accompanying a monk who had the teachings of Buddha with him. The courage and wit of the monkey is said to have protected the monk from demonic forces. Many people are attracted to this notion when choosing a monkey tattoo, according to iTattooDesigns.

Monkeys can also be a sign of salvation and repentance in Buddhism. One of the first steps that a Buddhist takes on the path to Enlightenment is to adopt a "monkey" state of mind, which is achieved through meditation. Both men and women may choose to get monkey tattoos as a sign of fertility, which is applicable whether the individual is looking to have children or has already been blessed with a number of sons and daughters.

Individuals who are drawn to the principle of justice may also want to get a monkey tattoo. Monkeys are also a symbol of harmony, so people who want to live peaceful lives may opt for one. A Buddhist legend also states that before Buddha went to heaven, he asked all the animals to come with him. However, only 12 of the earth's animals accepted the offer. On the Chinese calendar, the monkey is the ninth sign.