What Are Moleskin Trousers Made Of?


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Moleskin trousers are made out of moleskin fabric. Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric which is woven and sheared in order to give one side a short, soft pile.

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Moleskin fabric is soft yet very durable. Depending on how tightly woven the fabric is, it can be almost fully resistant against wind and abrasion, although it is not water resistant. Its wind resistance and durability led the West German Army to use moleskin fabric for its uniforms from about 1960 to the early 1990s, though this variant of moleskin was not sheared.

Cotton sateen is a variant fabric that is softer, but also more fragile. Trousers that are similar to jeans in appearance are a common use for moleskin fabric. Moleskin can also be used to help with friction injuries on the feet, and it is used with a lavalier microphone during video and audio productions.

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