What Is a Moisturizing Texturizer for African American Hair?


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A moisturizing texturizer for African American hair straightens tightly coiled hair strands so that they lay in gentle curls or waves. Added moisturizers circumvent the natural drying tendency of the straightening chemicals. Texturizers are part of a group of chemical hair treatments called relaxers.

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People of African descent have a variety of hair textures. While some have hair that is loosely curly, many have hair that grows in very tight coils, rising out from the scalp instead of laying flat. This latter sort of hair requires chemical treatment to become straight or wavy and to lay flat. There are many products that permanently treat hair so that it becomes straight; these treatments are called relaxers.

A texturizer is a kind of relaxer that is left on the hair for a short period of time. This retains some curl to the hair, rather than straightening it completely. Hair that has been treated with texturizer is loosely curled or wavy. Since all relaxers tend to dry out hair, some texturizers add moisturizing products to prevent breakage. Texturizers that do not use lye tend to be less caustic to the skin, but also more drying to the hair.

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