What Is the Best Moisturizer for Your Face?

moisturizer-face Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

According to the Mayo Clinic, the best moisturizer for your face depends on your particular skin type, whether it is normal, dry, oily, sensitive or mature. For normal skin, a water-based moisturizer is best; for drier skin, look to oil-based ones and for oily skin you need a moisturizer that is very light in texture. For sensitive skin, choose a moisturizer that does not contain chemicals or other potential allergens, and for mature skin choose a formula that is more oil-based and antioxidant-rich.

Skin is vulnerable to changing seasons, the effects of aging and even fluctuating hormones, so the best moisturizer for you depends on your own needs or symptoms. After determining your skin type, it is easy to find the moisturizer best suited to treat your skin. Sites like Total Beauty often have listings of the top moisturizers, along with the skin types that they work best on. Keep in mind that creams tend to cost more than other options, but in general, moisturizers can be relatively expensive depending on where you shop and if they contain any specialized ingredients. For more affordable alternatives, stores like Walmart have a variety of highly reviewed, bargain-priced moisturizers.