What Are Some Mohawk Hair Styles for Black Men?


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The most common way to achieve a mohawk is to shave the sides of the head, allowing only a strip of hair down the center to remain. Black men often have a thicker, denser texture of hair than men from other races, and this means that their mohawks sometimes look very different. These differences, however, may leave room for a great deal of creativity.

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A skilled barber can shave designs into the hair on the sides of the head, adding another stylistic element to the look. For men with a thinner hair texture, the hair on the sides of the head can be smoothed toward the center of the head with the use of product. This is sometimes known as a fauxhawk. The thickness of black hair makes smoothing the hair on the sides down with product difficult, unless it is short or has been straightened. As a substitute, the hair on the sides of the head may be braided down, if shaving it is not desired. The shape, length and texture of the hair in the center can also change the look. Black men may straighten this hair and add product, pick it out to add volume or leave it curly and dense.

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